Nothing gold can stay

Enjoy it while you can, folks. The Boston Herald is reporting the following:

Johnny Damon has agreed to shave his beard May 21 as part of a charity venture, but he’s not going to shear his long locks of hair. The center fielder, who has 3-for-4 last night and has raised his average to .283, agreed to shave when Gillette offered to contribute $15,000 to Boston Public Library.”

According to an AP story, Gillette asked Damon to pick a charity.

I guess if the beard is gonna go, might as well help support a library.

Oh, and in today’s search for Damon photos, I found a forum on beards with a thread on new baseball facial hair this season. But please don’t let it distract you so much that you never return here.

Original comments…

sandor: Damon’s mom will be happy. Apparently she thinks he’s no longer as cute as he used to be.

Levi: Maybe shaving is a Mother’s Day gift?

Luke: If only I were a rich eccentric, because then I’d offer $15,001 to charity for him to *NOT* shave it.

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