Here’s something you don’t see every century

Yes, I know I claimed I wasn’t going to post any more Devil Rays updates until they put another long winning streak together, but Maura practically ordered me to post this…

At one point this season, the Rays were 18 games under .500. Now they’re 1 game over .500.

As of Friday night, they became the first team to claw their way back up to .500 after being 18 under since the 1899 Louisville Colonels.

Original comments…

maura: this run has also inspired some excellent google searches.

Jim: No wonder the Rays are doing so well; Lou Piniella seems to have gone insane. A potential bikini wax is supposed to motivate the team? And between him and Tony La Russa, that’s too many people from Tampa that I’ve been forced to picture nude recently (yes, I know La Russa wasn’t the naked one in the Steve Kline incident, but that’s still a little too close for comfort). The only people from Tampa who I want to think about being naked are Alesha Oreskovich (Playboy’s Miss June 1993) and both Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Laura Harring’s characters in “The Punisher.” I don’t even enjoy picturing myself nude.

Jason: If you check the 2nd link from Maura’s google search, you might find some pics of me floating around there.

Jim: Jason’s secret other life revealed!

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