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While I was in Tampa, I got to hear my mother complain, “I can’t believe you’re going to (insert city here), but you’re only spending one night there, and all you’ll be doing is going to a baseball game!”

In between the kvetching, she did bring up another point: a cell phone might come in handy on the trip. But you, Levi, don’t have one, do you? And I’m the only person in L.A. who doesn’t have one. I may get one of those prepaid, pay-as-you-go deals.

Original comments…

Luke: What, do you have tickets behind the plate?

Levi: Now–apologies to the Holderbys–while I’m sure that many people have said, “I can’t believe you’re going to Detroit,” I have trouble believing that anyone has ever said, “I can’t believe you’re going to Detroit, but you’re only spending one night, and all you’ll be doing is going to a baseball game.”

Jim: No, I would absolutely not call someone from a baseball game to tell them to watch me on TV. And I definitely wouldn’t get Nextel service, solely because their walkie-talkie feature is much more annoying for those nearby than a regular cell phone is (and I know this for a fact because of someone near me using the walkie-talkie feature at the Padres game I went to last year).

You’re right, although my mother’s family lived in the Detroit suburbs for some years, she was most concerned about Montreal, and to a lesser extent Boston and Toronto.

maura: ohh, i loathe those walkie-talkie phones. when i took the bus to and from work in philadelphia, they were like the plague.

i was debating leaving my phone at home for our trip, but then i realized that i needed a backup plan in case of train problems. alas.

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