Preparations continue at a fever pitch

With all the excitement over the songs earlier today, I forgot to post something else that’s related to the trip. Today, I bought a rain poncho. Sorry, Levi, it’s blue, not red, so if it rains at the Cardinals game, I will stick out like a sore thumb, or perhaps I should say a bruised thumb. But I’m all set for rain at the Expos game.

I also bought a new set of luggage. My former luggage was a high school graduation present, and if you remember luggage technology from 1992, this will sound familiar to you: the two big suitcases from the old set have tiny little wheels on the bottom, and I’ve never been able to adequately roll them along when loaded because they have a tendency to tip sideways, and the attached straps you’re supposed to lead them with are way too short. So I pretty much ignored the wheels after a while.

But thanks to the great strides in luggage technology over the last 12 years, the new set is of the type with the big wheels and the telescoping handle, and from trying them out on the way to the cash register at Target, and then through the parking lot to my car, they seem to be working great. However, we’ll see what happens after American Airlines gets their grubby hands, and their grubby conveyor belts, all over them.

My only regret is that if I was going to buy a new set of luggage, I should have bought it before my trip to New York last month, where I had to schlep my possessions through such scenic locales as the stretch of 8th Avenue in Manhattan between 50th Street and 48th Street, Grand Central Terminal, and the halls of the Marriott in Trumbull, Connecticut (okay, Grand Central actually is scenic, but it’s better when you don’t have to carry two pieces of baggage from the subway station to Lower Level Track 107 via the men’s room). There’s going to be much less walking with luggage on the baseball trip, I predict, unless the car breaks down and we decide to abandon it and walk to the next baseball game, rather than waiting for Hertz to send a mechanic out.

Anyway, the new set of luggage includes one bag that’s the perfect size to hold all the materials from AAA, it turns out, although it is still to be determined what exact configuration of luggage is going to accompany me on the trip. I realize I’d better leave some room for souvenirs, for one thing.

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Levi: Jim, you mean those old suitcases weren’t specifically designed to tip over? I can’t imagine what else they were designed for, since they must have failed perfectly in every laboratory test.

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