I just want to point this out for posterity: right now, as I’m looking at this blog, the two related-to-the-text-of-the-page “Ads by Google” at the top are headlined “Steroids For Sale” and “Buy Steroids Online.”

And then the “Related Searches” in the small print below the ads are “minor league baseball” and “Barry Bonds.”

I’ve been thinking about the match-ups we’ll see on our trip, and which teams we’ll be rooting for. I think Jim would agree that the default, absent other reasons to root for (Say, that they’re the Cardinals) or against (Say, that they’re the Braves) a team, would be to root for the home team.

But mitigating factors do affect several games on this trip. So here’s my first pass at the rooting plan:

Game 1: Swing
Game 2: Cardinals
Game 3: White Sox (over the Tigers. Sorry, Detroit, but local interest comes first.)
Game 4: Red Sox (over the Blue Jays. Sorry, Toronto, but toppling the Yankees comes first.)
Game 5: Expos
Game 6: Red Sox
Game 7: Phillies
Game 8: Cardinals (over the Pirates. Sorry, Pittsburgh, but you guys had to see this one coming.)
Game 9: White Sox (over the Indians. Sorry, Cleveland, but that team name’s got to go. And take that offensive logo with it, why don’t you?).
Game 10: Ooh. This is a tough one. I want to root for the Brewers over the Pirates, because they’re the home team and I love Wisconsin. But I just don’t know that I can root for a team owned by Bud Selig. I may have to root for the Pirates, despite their being owned by Kevin McClatchy.