Finally, almost two months after the promotion started, the Pepsi iTunes caps have shown up in Los Angeles, so I no longer have to risk a Big Gulp spilling in my car in order to try to win free music.

Even though I didn’t try to cheat by tipping the bottle to look under the cap (because I don’t want to get banned from 7-Eleven), I won a free song on my first try today. With it, in honor of this trip and my unintentional namesake, I purchased Joe Cocker’s version of Bob Dylan’s “Catfish”…

Even Billy Martin grins
When the Fish is in the game
Every season, 20 wins
Gonna make the hall of fame

Yes, there is going to be a “baseball songs” playlist available on my iPod on the trip. Right now it’s almost entirely filled with the tracks on both of the Rhino Records “Baseball’s Greatest Hits” compilations. I also already have “What Bothers the Spaceman?” by Mono Puff, as well as a certain song that’s playing during a current “Sportscenter” promo, which is no doubt one of Dan Rivkin’s favorites. If anyone has other baseball song suggestions, pass them along. Extra points for naming songs available in the iTunes Music Store.

I was reminded today of one of my very favorite baseball nicknames: Cincinnati Reds first baseman Sean Casey is known as “The Mayor.” Apparently the nickname was bestowed on the reportedly down-to-earth, treat friendly, prostate outgoing Casey in the minor leagues because he seemed to know everyone in town.

Oh, and he did a good thing last year. Afterwards, do you think he drove off in one of these?

Cardinals lefty reliever Steve Kline–he of the nastiest cap in the majors–missed a few games early in spring training with gout.

I didn’t think people got gout anymore. Sure, the wealthy used to, because they ate terribly and way too much. Ben Franklin, you may remember, had a little talk with his gout. But nowadays?

And even more impressive: Steve Kline says he gets a case of the gout every spring. What do you think that man eats?

I suppose it’s not the weirdest ailment to sideline a ballplayer. Remember when the versatile, arachnaphobic Glenallen Hill was injured waking up from a nightmare about spiders?

Oh, and if you’ve been wondering how much better advertisements for some products would be if Steve Kline were pitching them, the Internet, as always, is here to remind you that someone’s already thought of everything.